At the Rundgang 2017 (13.07 – 16.07.2017) at University of Fine Arts Kassel the initiative Meeting Democracy was presented for the first time. Beat Sandkühler, student of product design, introduced the design and the idea of the initiative as part of the exhibition.

I believe that through a healthy understanding of people and a view to the common good as well as through encounter and discussion we as citizen are able to deal with questions, concerning our surrounding on our own. My current design task is society itself. I want to spread the method citizen report with planing cell and establish it into politics. Together for a society where everyone is satisfied. Says Beat.

While the four days lasting exhibition there had been good discussions about society and a possible participation of citizen. Saturday and Sunday Wolfgang Scheffler, founder of the political party for citizen report (BürgerInnengutachtenpartei), supported the office and hold a presentation with a following discussion about citizen reports with planing cells. In conversations with the visitors of the exhibition we developed the idea of organising  trainings to achiever of micro citizen reports, that can be applied in a small scale, developed by Wolfgang Scheffler. Micro reports can be used for decision process in schools, organizations or even companies to work out solutions that fit everyone.

Thanks a lot to the many interesting conversations during the exhibition. See you soon at our action at Narrowcast House together with documenta14.

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July 14, 2017