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12.08 – 18h Narrowcast House, Nordstadt Kassel

Wolfgang Scheffler, initiator of the BürgerInnengutachten Partei (Citizen Reports party) will talk about how our democracy can be organized bottom up with the over 40 years proven method Citizen Reports with Planning Cells by Peter C. Dienel.

The talk will be followed by a discussion on participative democracy through the collaboration of randomly choosen citizen.

Meeting Democracy Bürger – innenbüro at documenta 14 Narrowcast House by Anton Kats in the Nordstadt, Kassel.


Meeting Democracy:
The initiative Meeting Democracy is initiated by Beat Sandkühler in collaboration with Wolfgang Scheffler, a founder of BürgerInnengutachten Party. Drawing on the citizen-report-procedures applied performatively in small groups Meeting Democracy invites you to give shape to a planning cell allowing to question, discuss yet most importantly experience and act out participatory democracy methods. Developed as a self-directed transmission from within of the Narrowcast House in the north of the city the performance aims to test, share and spread a diversity of elements at the core of participatory democracy.

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Diskussion mit Wolfgang Scheffler

Bürger – innebüro:


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August 11, 2017