Dear friends,

within the framework of the documenta 14 performance “Meeting Democracy”, we were able to arouse much interest in the participation process “Citizenreports with Planning Cells” as a concrete approach to a lived democracy. There was a need to continue the initiative and to give it a form that offers even more possibilities.

On 15th of September, we will set up the “Meeting Democracy” initiative in Kassel, within the framework of documenta 14, as an association. Together, we want to tackle the issue of rethinking democracy and finding ways to implement it in practice. This also corresponds to an important spiritual current of our time.

However, our initiative plays a role of its own, and it differs from other actors through its specific access to the topic.

We want to make our approach to the “democratization” of democracy visible and tangible. This means, on the one hand, that we can experience democratic practice through “micro” citizen reports with planning cells. On the other hand, we also want to generate new “images” of democracy that shapes our society. This is why we, and here we see our special approach, give art and design as well as their theory special space. This claim was already expressed in our action at documenta 14.

Our initiative wants to show that democracy can be designed in the political here and now by everyone and no project has to be less. This gives a new quality to the political and social life and the feeling for its own creative possibilities.

Will you be there on 15 September?

Founding Meeting Democracy association
15th of September 16:00 pm

Narrowcast House:
Gottschalkstraße 36, 34127 Kassel

PDF with the invitation to download


Until then, your funding team

Beat, Wolfgang, Flora and Heike

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September 1, 2017