During the seven-day Meeting Democracy Citizens’ Office at the Narrowcast House on documenta14, much has happened. More than 1,000 visitors came by and were able to spread information about the method of citizens’ reports with planning cells according to Peter C. Dienel and to offer the experience about the method itself. Wolfgang Scheffler, Flora Nieß and Beat Sandkühler, the initiators of Meeting Democracy, were very positively surprised by the broad interest in a better organization of democracy from the bottom up.

On a daily basis, performances of half-hour citizen reports with groups of five random visitors were held, who jointly worked on a question and drew up three statements. Subsequently, the participants received five spots each to evaluate the statements of all groups. The results of the performance are published here.

Due to the high interest in the application of micro-citizens’ reports, a elaboration of Wolfgang Scheffler and Heike Hödt for small-scale citizen report, we will offer advanced training courses for micro-citizen reports. Click here for more.

within the framework of the documenta 14 performance “Meeting Democracy”, we were able to arouse much interest in the participation process “Citizenreports with Planning Cells” as a concrete approach to a lived democracy. There was a need to continue the initiative and to give it a form that offers even more possibilities.

On 15th of September, we will set up the “Meeting Democracy” initiative in Kassel, within the framework of documenta 14, as an association. Together, we want to tackle the issue of rethinking democracy and finding ways to implement it in practice. This also corresponds to an important spiritual current of our time. Read more here.

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September 1, 2017