Initiative on the participation of the civil society

True and continuous citizen‘s participation can become a political reality.

In order to create again a strong believe in the benefits of our democratic system, it is necessary to make every citizen feel that it is about “his/her” society and state.

This is possible, when citizens participate in the creation of all legislation at an early stage. That is how they can form “their” society according to their needs.

So far, politicians are very reluctant to allow substantial citizens participation. They are afraid of populist opinions.

Since 2001 the author looked into many participatory methods. He came to the conclusion, that the method of “citizen‘s report with planning cells”, invented 1973 by Prof. Dr. Peter Dienel in Germany is the most suitable participatory process for a successful citizen‘s participation.

It has been used in Germany about 120 times during the last 44 years, on all type of questions, and on levels ranging from local community to state government of Germany. It has also been applied in other countries like Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France and Japan.

How does it work?

Instead of employing the whole of society on all questions, which is an impossible task, the method “citizen‘s report with planning cells”, forms a separate miniature society for each question or even only part of a question. This miniature society consist of 200 randomly chosen citizens, and its time span is only 4 days. This has proven to be enough to go deeply into the complexity of a subject, take into account all relevant sociological aspects and come up with “wise” decisions. These decisions show a lot of  common sense and regard for the common good. And therefore they can be accepted by the whole of society.

It is also observed, that in these miniature societies, necessary changes of opinion, which would take 4 years in the whole of society, can take place in only 4 days.

With such a tool, governments would be able to address all pressing problems of our society in a relatively short time. It would allow them to circumvent the usual deadlock over pressing issues, as it is currently observed in most national parliaments to the dismay of almost everybody. The unsuccessful climate negotiations are only one example for this.

The goal of this initiative is to make the widespread use of “citizen‘s report with planning cells” a political reality in as many countries as possible. This will enable us to find effective and mutually acceptable solutions to our pressing global problems.

To make “citizen‘s report with planning cells” eligible in the next general elections in Germany, the initiative founded in 2015 a new political party, which stands for the facilitation of a continuous stream of “citizen‘s reports with planning cells” and the introduction of the results into the legislative process in Germany.